Oceanside CA Restaurants To Visit With Your Family

Part of San Diego County, Oceanside CA is home to quite a few people and 216 restaurants. There are some great places to eat coming your way, and you’re going to love exploring the southern coast of California. Maybe after spending some time at Tyson Street Park Beach, the Oceanside Pier and other major attractions, you’re going to be ready to hit up one of these five top restaurants in Oceanside, California.

Ty’s Burger House is a great place to stop by when on vacation. Located at 515 Mission Avenue, Ty’s Burger House is known for serving up more than just the best beef. In fact, you’re talking about wild game, and that includes venison. You can also order up salads and wraps. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very comfy according to reviews, and the dining establishment even caters to dogs.

Felix’s BBQ With Soul is where you get the best barbecue in Oceanside CA. Located at 36613 Ocean Ranch Boulevard, Felix’s BBQ With Soul is known for its corn muffins, peach cobbler, hush puppies, collard greens, fried chicken and more. You can even order up great catfish there. Is it time for some southern style barbecue? One other great recommendation by reviewers is the shrimp po boy.

One barbecue restaurant in Oceanside CA isn’t enough, so let’s look at one more. The place is called That Boy Good, and you will find it at 207 North Coast Highway. Hand cut fries are one of the big draws at That Boy Good, and you can expect a lot of the great eats that you would find at Felix’s BBQ With Soul. Ask about the dirty fries, too, and also, you might want to consider the chicken and waffles based on the menu highlights.

You need a good breakfast pick for when you’re about and about with the family in Oceanside. That place could be The Breakfast Club Diner, and its location is 228 North Coast Highway. You can have a traditional American breakfast there. Breakfast burritos, pancakes, omelets and more also make the menu highlights. People say that the food at The Breakfast Club Diner is amazing, so you can expect to have a delicious breakfast with you and your family.

When you enjoy a meal in Oceanside, you might also want some seafood. If it’s fish and chips you’re craving, then you might want to check out Harbor Fish and Chips. It is located at 276A Harbor Drive, and other popular menu items include fried zucchini, tacos and clam chowder.

There are also other great seafood places in Oceanside CA. And of course you’re going to find other great burger, barbecue and breakfast places, too. Have a great time traveling to Oceanside with your family, and I hope you enjoy these great restaurants that have been selected for you to try. The southern coast of California is waiting, and the restaurants that were mentioned are five of the best out of over 200 dining establishments in Oceanside CA. https://harborhousecafe.net/

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