Night Life In Oceanside

What Hotspots To Oceanside CA Nightlife Reviews Highlight?

Oceanside has the beach, and while soaking up the sun sounds like fun, there are plenty of things to do in the city at night. You can also check out Vista and Carlsbad nearby. There are all kinds of things to do at night when you are traveling all three of those places. For now, let’s take a look at the best nightlife hotspots in Oceanside CA.

You might have expected a bar or a club to be first up, but there are all kinds of unique places that can make for nightlife hotspots. For example, there is Oceanside Sunset Market, located at 316 Mission Avenue. There’s good food to be had there and good music, too, plus a whole lot more. You will find that this place gets really crowded according to the reviews, and that being said, people say that you might want to get there early. By early, I mean right before sunset.

The Draft is one of the places suggested for nightlife attractions in Oceanside CA, too. Located at 4225 Oceanside Boulevard, The Draft serves up great brews, a great atmosphere and great food. People talk about the burgers and pizza being delicious there. The Draft is a great sports bar in Oceanside, and it’s going to be a fun place to hangout.

Then there is the Beer Brewing Company, and it is located at 1815 South Coast Highway. Not only can you expect a brew pub there, but you will also find a beer garden. There is also a Seabastro Pub and Bull Taco there. They call it the trifecta in the reviews, and you are going to have a great time. Are you ready to start with the Beer Brewing Company?

There is also a place called The Compass. Located at 300 Carlsbad Village Drive, The Compass is another hotspot in Oceanside CA. You’re going to find some great places to go shopping there, and you’re going to find some delicious food as well. Find some wonderful craft beer, and you can also dig into some sweet potato fries as well. It really sounds like a fun and unique place to spend some time when you’re looking for fun things to do at night in Oceanside.

The #1 nightlife hotspot according to one travel sight is The Cigar Grotto. The Cigar Grotto is located at 220 North Coast Highway, and it is a nice place to lounge if you like cigars. It might not be for everyone of course, and I can relate as an ex-smoker. I wouldn’t really want to hang out long in a cigar lounge, but hey, it’s a top nightlife hotspot in Oceanside nonetheless.

There are some other suggested places as well, including Tap That Tap Room, Golden Coast Mead and Coyote Bar & Grill. Pick a few spots or try to take the grand tour so to speak and make it by all of them as you travel around Oceanside CA. It’s going to be fun taking some time out to visit the city and everything it has to offer.

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