Budget Hotels in Oceanside CA

Tips for Staying Safe at Budget Hotels in Oceanside CA

Oceanside CA is a beautiful area in California that draws in a lot of visitors and transients. It may be a place where you want to spend some time and take in the sun. If so, there are plenty of budget hotels for you to stay with prices as low as $50 a night. With that said, Oceanside CA budget hotels draw a wide variety of people, from across the US, looking to save money. There are no background checks done on people who wish to stay in hotels. It is up to you to make sure that you are traveling as safely as possible. When you check into your hotel room, never assume that you or your belongings are safe until you’ve covered the following tips.

1. Lock and bolt your hotel door from the inside

One of the primary things you’ll want to do is to lock and bolt your hotel door from the inside whenever you are in it. Hotel room invasions can happen at any time of the day or night. So even during the daytime, you’ll want to keep your door locked and bolted from the inside whenever you are in the room.

2. When walking toward your room, have your room key in your hand

You’ve had a beautiful day or evening in Oceanside, and now you’re ready to go back to your budget hotel room. When walking toward your room, have your room key in your hand so that you will not have to stop and look for it when you reach your hotel room door. This is important. The time you take to search for your hotel room key is enough time to get ambushed from behind from someone who wants to harm you or who wants to get into your hotel room.

3. Keep your valuables out of sight

Whenever you leave your hotel room, keep your valuables out of sight. Some budget hotel rooms have safes. These are excellent places to keep your valuables. If not, ask the front desk if there is another way for you to keep your valuables safe. They may be willing to hold them for you. To be proactive, leave your valuables, such as expensive rings, at home and don’t bring them with you on vacation.

4. Never give your room number to strangers

Chances are you’re meeting people out in Oceanside, and chances are they’re friendly. However, that doesn’t mean you still don’t need to be cautious. Never give your room number out to strangers who you meet. If your room were robbed, for example, and the person you’ve met lives in an entirely different location from you, you will have a hard time tracking such a person down even with police help.

5. Keep your drapes closed

When you leave the room, be sure to keep your drapes closed. Keeping them open gives people an excuse to look in your room and potentially rob it.

Simple common sense approaches to staying safe at budget hotels in Oceanside CA are the ways to ensure that you have a safe trip. If you feel anything is wrong, go with your gut instinct and make your situation safe.

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