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All About And His SEO Services

Learn all about SEO and the three strategies Tom Johnston recommends you introduce into your online marketing efforts in order to attract more clients and customers from Google.

Features and Benefits of’s SEO Franchise Opportunity

– Mutual Trust
There are no long-term contracts when you take advantage of this opportunity. As long as you are satisfied with the services and results provided by Tom Johnston, he will be happy to help you grow your online business.

– Ranking Reports
Every month Tom will send you a ranking report that will show you what search phrases your online website shows up for on Google.

– Traffic Reports
With regular traffic reports you will be able to see exactly how many people clicked on your site, how they found your website, and how they interacted with the content.

– Client Experience
Tom Johnston has worked with a wide variety of clients including small start-up businesses, e-commerce websites, 50+ location franchises and national recruiting sites for the military with more than 2.100 locations.

Three Types Of SEO Franchise Opportunities Available

1. National SEO
National SEO is designed for website owners who would like their products and services to show up on Google but are not attached to a specific geographical area.

2. Local SEO
Local SEO is ideal for small business owners who want their services and products to be found by clients in a specific radius from their headquarters. Local SEO is the most common type of SEO in operation.

3. Franchise SEO
Franchise SEO is designed for businesses with multiple locations with each location needing marketing on a local level.

On-Page Optimization SEO Factors

The foundation and first step to optimizing your website is the use of on-page optimization. This is where you tell Google what products and services you are offering and where you are located �” specifically what state, county, city, and zip-code you are operating from. This is a very important step because without this information Google will not know how to show your personal website in their search results.

Other On-Page Factors to Consider Are:
– H1 Tags
– Supporting H Tags
– Outbound Links
– Relevant Videos
– Image Optimization
– Internal Links
– GEO Optimization via Google Map Embeds

Landing Pages
Pages on your website specifically designed to capture Google’s attention are called ‘landing pages’. These pages are particularly important for those businesses with multiple locations. Basically, you want a specific page for every state, city, and zip-code on your website that is located in each of your franchise service areas. Employing this method will help Google understand the type of services and products you offer and what geographical areas are covered by your business.

Meta Description and Meta Title

When customers search on Google for a particular service or product they are presented with a list of search results with a title and a short description of each website. It is extremely important that the title contains the right keywords regarding your services or products, as well as the location targeted by each page. The description needs to be interesting enough to invite the searcher to click on the title for more information, which will lead them to your website.

Tom Johnston is the best SEO licensee company for helping you to market your website in Google’s search engines in order to significantly expand your customer base.